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Le crunch.....

In terms of constant light winds, changes of tidal current and the resulting changes of leadership it is hard to recall a leg in recent years like this Stage 2 from Kinsale to Roscoff. And it is far from over. Fur days and nights of racing have seen at least as many leaders, a real slow rollercoaster ride for the nerves for all. And just as there have been really sizeable comebacks, so too there are some big losses which will surely mean some very disappointed, exhausted solo racers reaching Roscoff this afternoon and evening.

For sure nothing has been decided as the leaders approach the Bay of Morlaix. At midday there is little wind. Uncertainty prevails, especially as the outgoing, contrary tide will build.

The top ten skippers are within less than four miles of each other. And three skippers – a trio from La Trinité as it happens - Corentin Horeau (Banque Populaire), Basile Bourgnon (Endenred) and Loïs Berrehar (Skipper Macif 2022) are scrapping over the lead. According to the latest estimates, the first finsihers are expected off Roscoff around 1700hrs local time.

In third Loïs Berrehar (2022 MACIF Skipper) said at lunchtime " I’m going to give it my all. We see that the group of Trinitans got out of the hole. Good, now we have to stay alert until the end. I heard the weather forecast earlier. There will be fewer thunderstorms than we had thought at one time. It's a little reassuring, because thunderstorms can cause big differences. If the wind is established, there is a way to go but not take any big risks. We have to stay alert, we still have a good bit of sailing to go to Roscoff. Until the finish line is crossed, we can be caught up by anyone. I have 37 miles left. This can quickly change for the better or worse. I try to do the best. My approach is to give my all to do well, to try to be on the podium, that's kind of my goal. We had a great opportunity to come back, we will try not to blow it. But we are not masters of our destiny. You have to stay focused on your course and we'll see..."

Corentin Horeau (Banque Populaire): “Here, we are 30 miles from Roscoff, right on the rhumb line with a lot of uncertainty. We'll deal with that. Here we have 5-6 knots of wind. The current is against us I have Basile (Bourgnon) beside me he also does small maneuvers. We'll see how it goes in the next few hours, but Basile has been with me almost all the way. We try to do the best. We were very lucky already to come back from where we were. Now we have to try to make it happen to the end. For sure I’m thinking about my first stage victory, I think about it. And then at Roscoff, I haven't been far out far these last two times. So there is little tension, but it's a bit the weather that plays with our nerves. We'll see how it goes, but it this might last all afternoon.”