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Internationals on the pontoon in Piriac sur Mer

29e /Susann Beucke (This Race is Female): This leg was very interesting from a strategic and technical point of view. It was a short and relatively quick leg which is good considering how little time we had to recover after the previous leg into Roscoff. I am a bit disappointed with my whole race but it is very early now to draw resolutions. I put a lot of effort into the performance side of things but did not manage to spend a lot of time in France training. I have to train. For sure I am not really happy with my race, I expected more. But I enjoyed it. It is so amazing, like now you hate everything about it but after a night of sleep when it is all over you realise how much fun it was. Last time it was very windy and I was terrified much of the time. This time I had time to think and enjoy things.”

28e /David Paul ( a Drop): “I feel a little bit sad it is over. It may be my third race but this is the first one I have really enjoyed. I feel like these seconds two legs were some of the best sailing I have done. I am ruing the mistake I made at Ushant on Sunday night into Monday morning it was a rather painful lesson learned as to where the most tide is. It took me a while to get my head into the leg, I struggled with boat speed but once I was into it I was pleased I could overtake people and stay with a group like Nils, Hugo, Sanni, Romain. It was good. I am so very tired. I gave it everything and really left nothing out there.”