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Off and racing….Stage 2 has left Kinsale, next stop Bay of Morlaix

After a short delay while a thermal breeze arrived the 54th La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec fleet bid farewell to beautiful Kinsale when Stage 2 started at 01:40 PM (local time) in a gentle breeze, beautiful Sunday summer afternoon sunshine which brought out a flotilla of interested spectators.

The fleet head north this afternoon into the Irish Sea heading into a complex first night at sea. But first they are expected to stay close to the rugged Irish coast looking to work the thermal breeze.

Winner of the Windchaser Trophy by Bollé, for the best start was Arthur Hubert (MonAtoutÉ

And the Paprec Trophy, for the first around the short inshore route before heading out to sea was Gaston Morvan

Before the start Basile Bourgnon (EDENRED), 7th in the provisional general classification said. “We're going to pull our hair a little the first night, especially with this very light wind which will last a few hours, five or six perhaps. It will happen at night, so we won't sleep much. Then, we hope that the wind will come in so we can do a little driving under pilot and be able to sleep a little. This fairly weak wind will force us to concentrate on our trajectory and our weather, to eat well and manage our sleep... We will try to do well even if these are not the conditions in which I am most comfortable.” According to him, this second stage has the air of "second first stage since the counters are set almost to zero time level" given the small gaps in the provisional general classification.