Yoann Richomme on the dock in Kinsale

Published on 06/06/2019

Winner Yoann Richomme spoke on the dockside in Kinsale, explaining the key move of the race and reveals he was very frustrated and down when he came up the Brittany coast deep in the pack...

“The weather files we had when we started said to finish west but the thing is I got a few updated weather charts on board and that looked like it was going to be a very slow move of the low pressure where it was so it was easy to go north, fast. That’s the short explanation of the whole thing, that really was the key. In fact that was the only real moment because the rest was just hard. Man, it was hard.

When we came past Brest, it was like it as if if something had broken, I was going to pull out. I was so tired of losing, every single time I tried something I was losing, losing, losing.

It was so slow I was like ‘We are never going to get to Kinsale.’

It is a a good thing I didn’t. I was pretty far from it. As you say it was pretty awful. It was hard and the thing is there was already a lot of miles in it. Like when we went around Belle Ile and the guys came out fifteen miles in front and then we got to Odiam and they were right to leeward of me in and some of them were in front, I was like ‘what the hell is happening here?’

It was weird, really weird. Yeah, because that guy (Henri Lemencier) had like a twenty mile lead, I thought, where did this happen? Where did this come from? I’m guessing, for sure that was the move of the race. If it was one of the best guys that did that he would be in a long time ago.

It was incredible, a really long leg. But I think it’s so good to have a leg where there are just 5 marks. You do have the mark at Bourgenay and then to Fastnet nothing. You just go for it. It makes such a difference, such a difference

Before there was always a mark in between there and the Fastnet. It was tough. It would be annoying and you would have to go between Ushant and France and it just gets the game so narrow. So you don’t have the interesting part, the weather part, because this one was the weather was changing all the time.

This one was changing so much it was in the details and that made it- I think it was the most interesting leg I have ever done, weather-wise.

I think I understood the weather best at the one part you had to understand which was how you were going to up after Ushant.

I feel so satisfied. I feel great.

I don’t have any pressure because two months ago I didn’t know I was going to do the race, I’m doing it under great conditions with a great boat and a great team. The boat is well prepped, I’ve got my boat preparateur from 8 years ago now, we have won everything now- well, everything we have done.

I don’t think I am under pressure now. I came here to have fun, to do some results. I was hoping to win a leg, that’s for sure so my Solitaire is all good now. Now whatever happens, happens- no, no, I will try my best obviously to keep going.

I wasn’t too tired this morning but those two kids kind of put me under pressure.”


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