New Leader Hardy Approaching Portsall

Published on 12/06/2019

A route passing to the south of the Traffic Separation Zone at Casquets of Cherbourg has paid off for Adrien Hardy (Sans Nature Pas de Futur) who has taken the lead in the final miles to the hairpin turn at Portsall.

Hardy and Gildas Mahé (Breize Cola/Equithe) were the only two among the leading group to stay south after the Needles Fairway and are rewarded with a faster angle in to the buoy. Mahé is fourth at 3.6 miles behind, actually the same distance he was behind the leader at the Needles.

The tide has been rising since 0806hrs local time and so the leaders will be pushing the first of the flood tide, their bonus on rounding will be getting a slingshot eastwards on the strongest push between 1030 and midday and so it should be a relatively straightforward passage to the finish where the tide changes again at just after three this afternoon. In a lightening breeze for the later finishers this will only open up the gaps to the leaders even more.


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