Disappointed Roberts 22nd, twelfth overall

Published on 12/06/2019

Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) crossed the finish line in 22nd place, disappointed to have sailed such a good first half of the leg from Kinsale to Roscoff, passing boats up the English coast to be up in the top ten or eleven on the start of the descent back down the Channel. But he lost several boats on the stage to Portsall, more crucially shedding time against some of those who are emerging as his main rivals.

But the British solo racer moves up the leaderboard to 12th, 42m 36s behind tenth placed Morgan Lagraviere and 55 minutes behind Justine Mettraux (Teamwork) who, as top international overall, leads the chase for the ViVI Trophy.

At the dock in Roscoff Roberts said, “It is pretty disappointing really because I lost three hours. But it was an interesting leg, an all round leg with rain clouds to start with and then into breeze on the south coast of England, flat water so dreamy conditions and I could smell the homelands and then it shut down as we were leaving again. Everyone caught back up. At the DST there were two options and all the work I had done before north seemed like the less risky option and more people took that, so I feel like I covered the bases, covered the fleet. I felt happy with that even if one or two people would come out trumps in the south. In the second half I just don’t know what happened. I don’t know if I missed the shifts or if I sailed slowly. I am not sure what happened but from being at the front of my group I ended up at the back of it, ending up turning into a loss of two and a half or three hours. It’s a bit coulda, woulda shoulda right now. I am not feeling tip top about it all. I am annoyed because I played my objective to be safe and to be in the main body of the fleet. I let one or two outliers go and they did that. So something was not right. It did not go right.”


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