Adrien Hardy on the dock

Published on 12/06/2019

After finishing leg 2 in pole position, we caught up with Adrien Hardy on the dock.Here's what the 34-year old skipper of Sans Natur, Pas de Futur ! had to say.

“It’s been hard. Before setting off from Kinsale, I talked to Yann Eliès and said to him that the leg didn’t look that complicated and that the gaps wouldn’t be that big. I wasn’t that happy about the last minute change to the course. But in the end, it wasn’t that easy. There were lots of little complications.

I was up there in the top five at all the marks. In the past two nights I managed to get that bit extra and get to the front. In general I was fast and got in the right place. That means I can forget the disappointment of the first leg. In sport, you have disappointments and success. Winning is something rare, so I’m feeling very happy about it.

It’s good that we can’t see the other boats now. It takes us back to the old days. So we end up sailing based on what we feel rather than based on what the others are doing.

I waited until the last moment with the weather forecast at 2100hrs. Then, based on the forecast I took my decision. Off the tip of Brittany, I could only see three or four boats, so didn’t know what was happening really. In the previous rankings in terms of distance to the finish I was fifteenth, so it was only at the finish that I realised.”


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