03/09/2020 à 06h38
Macaire Stays Cool To Secure Stage 1 Victory.
02/09/2020 à 18h12
Can The Boar Roar To Win Stage 1 of La Solitaire?
02/09/2020 à 12h56
Yoann Richomme At Midday
02/09/2020 à 08h14
Leader Macaire Under Pressure But Staying Solid
01/09/2020 à 20h05
Xavier Macaire Holds Midpoint Lead At Fastnet
01/09/2020 à 17h32
Fastnet Memories
01/09/2020 à 13h23
Eliès: ‘People think we must be crazy, but when you get back ashore, you tell yourself, “We have done something incredible.”
01/09/2020 à 13h14
Midday Analysis of Gildas Morvan, ‘The Old Guys Still Have It’
01/09/2020 à 08h31
Leader Macaire Solid, Dolan Up To Third On Speed Test to Fastnet
31/08/2020 à 17h56
Leaders Set To Stretch Away As New Breeze Breathes Life Into Stage 1 of La Solitaire du Figaro
31/08/2020 à 14h17
Midday Analysis by Nico Lunven
31/08/2020 à 08h09
Light Winds Test is First Night Puzzle
30/08/2020 à 17h12
Complex Questions and Solidarity Among Skippers As the 51st La Solitaire du Figaro Starts
30/08/2020 à 13h59
Top ten at the first bouy
30/08/2020 à 10h45
Sam Goodchild ‘On La Solitaire You Have To Be Good At Everything.’
29/08/2020 à 18h47
Gruelling Four Day, 640 Miles Fastnet Leg Set To Open the 51st La Solitaire du Figaro
29/08/2020 à 13h24
Armel Le Cléac’h: “This is the one big goal of my season.”
28/08/2020 à 18h27
Three Internationals Can Call On Different Levels of Experience As They Take On La Solitaire du Figaro
27/08/2020 à 18h38
British Challengers Back to La Solitaire Hungry for Success After Years Away From Solo Racing’s Pinnacle.
26/08/2020 à 12h07
The ultimate form of isolation for one Hampshire sailor
24/08/2020 à 14h43
Preparing for a return to sport
04/08/2020 à 11h30
Phil Sharp enters La Solitaire du Figaro
28/07/2020 à 14h51
Brit Sam Goodchild wins the Drheam Cup
27/07/2020 à 12h38
The breeding ground of legends
23/06/2020 à 13h09
OC Sport Pen Duick confirms the 2020 edition of La Solitaire du Figaro
15/04/2020 à 15h36
Entries open with the publication of the Notice of Race
01/04/2020 à 14h14
1,830 demanding and tactical miles for the 51st edition of the Solitaire du Figaro
24/02/2020 à 14h17
City of Dunkirk to host La Solitaire du Figaro
16/09/2020 à 18h20
Duthil Wins Stage 3
13/09/2020 à 17h51
Slow Sunday’s Gains And Losses Are Temporary on Stage 3 Of La Solitaire du Figaro
08/09/2020 à 18h47
Frist words from Sam Goodchild on the dock in Dunkirk
08/09/2020 à 18h10
Stage 2 Finish times before jury