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L’édition 2015

La Solitaire du Figaro - Eric Bompard Cachemire is a one-design racing, unassisted, at times, which takes place in stages. Each step is a race. Classification at each time step and the overall time to award points championships of France Offshore Racing Solitaire.

La 46ème édition se déroule du 22 mai au 28 juin 2015.

Eric Bompard Cachemire Stage Ranking:

The place ranking calculated at the end of each stage according to elapsed time, after application of any penalties or redress.

Le Figaro Overall Ranking:

This is the general overall classification which is determined by the cumulative time taken over each ranking stage at the end of each leg. The boat with the lowest cumulative time is the winner.

Bénéteau rookie ranking:

A ranking of skippers who are participating for the first time, made at the end of each ranking stage. The boat with the lowest aggregate time wins.

Radio France Ranking:

The Radio France prize honours the boats which are ranked highest at the Radio France buoy on each stage, that is set usually about 1:30hrs after the start line. Points are awarded to the top 10 at each Radio France buoy with 1st getting 10pts, 2nd 9pts, 3rd 8pts, and so on. Highest points tally wins.

CLS Argos ranking:

Record The CLS Argos prize is awarded the boat which mnakes the best progress from the its ranking at the Radio France buoy to its ranking at the finish of the stage. The overall CLS Prize is given to the skipper who accumulates the highest number of points

Milestones in the Solitaire

Voici les moments fort de la saga depuis 1970 :


Twelve set off from Brest for the first edition of the Course de l’Aurore which was created by, among others, Jean-Louis Guillemard and Jean-Michel Barrault. The event history records that the winner was Jean de Kat (nicknamed the bearded eccentric) after a two stage race between Brest, Laredo and Pornic.


The race increases to three legs. Gilles Le Baud won the previous edition when a storm wiped out three-quarters of the fleet. In fact there were only four finishers ranked at the finish in Pornic.


Guy Cornou, a merchant seaman, obliterated the opposition by winning the first two stages by five hours and by eight hours respectively. On the last leg, between Kinsale and Pornic, Clare Francis the English woman wins to become the only woman to win a leg so far.


Guy Cornou, a merchant seaman, obliterated the opposition by winning the first two stages by five hours and by eight hours respectively. On the last leg, between Kinsale and Pornic, Clare Francis the English woman wins to become the only woman to win a leg so far.


A hurricane sweeps down across the Celtic Sea and leads to the death of 15 sailors during the Fastnet Race. A number of competitors decide not to take the start for the leg from Kinsale and Pornichet. Pierre Follenfant’s boat sank but he is saved by Olivier Moussy who miraculously saw his flashing light on the top of a wave. Patrick Eliès won the final Course de l’Aurore, winning all four stages and he remains the only sailor to have won all four stages.


La Solitaire du Figaro attracts more and more passionate sailors. By now many are sponsored, professionals, sailing prototypes which are increasingly sophisticated and benefiting from shore teams. Philippe Poupon win his first title with 31 participants classified.


The battle is intense between Philippe Poupon and Jean Le Cam and Poupon wins for the second time the event which has become the showcase event for solo sailors. Luc Berthillier is recovered by a Spanish fishing boat after being adrift in his liferaft for five days.


Jean-Marie Vidal had won 15 stages already but the former paratrooper and combat diver, then in charge of a sailing school in the Camargue, returned and win a leg.


Alain Gautier dominates the field over the first three legs. But the elements then conspire against him. While stuck in a windless hole he can only watch rookie Revenue Vauvert steal it. For his only participation, Laurent Bourgnon is successful Alain Gautier returns to win the following year.


The half tonners race their final Solitaire. The one-design Bénéteau Figaro Solo arrives to earn respect.


The change of tide at Kinsale decides everything on the first stage. Only five competitors of the forty-six entered looked to be in contention. But at the end of a mass sprint to cut the line, Michel Desjoyeaux takes his first success in front of Le Cam, the sailor who his victory two years later is anointed ‘King Jean’


Without winning a stage Philippe Poupon wrote his put his name into race history for the third time. This time he had to fight hard to beat Vicariot Philippe by eight little minutes.


A miracle on the second stage. After falling into the water in the early hours, Alain Gautier is drifting holding on to a board. He is saved by Nicolas Bérenger who rescues him a few minutes later. Jean Le Cam wins again.


Franck Cammas and Michel Desjoyeaux dominat the previous races. After a shortened two stage race Jean Le Cam celebrates in Douarnenez for his third title in 16 races. And a record entry of 58 skippers.


The previous edition it was the Basco-Breton Eric Drouglazet who had distinguished himself in Hendaye in his mother’s homeland, it is the Mediterranean sailor Kito de Pavant who wins in Cherbourg on his third participation.


A finish down to the wire, Armel Le Cléac'h steals victory from Alain Gautier by just thirteen seconds.


Gerald Véniard dominates the race crossing the finish line first three times but is demoted due to a stupid problem. The Solitaire is not for him this year. By following a seemingly radical option in the Bay of Biscay, Nicolas Troussel wins the event with a big cushion of time.


A year earlier, Michel Desjoyeaux enters the elite club of three times winners. Nicolas Troussel returns and obliterates the competition on the first leg with more than five hours of a margin.


Jérémie Beyou, like Armel Le Cléac'h the prvious year, won his second Solitaire by winning three stages. They are entered for the 2012 Vendée Globe so leave the arena open.


Mercredi 11 juillet à 9h18, dans la grande rade de Cherbourg, Yann Eliès (Groupe Queguiner - Le Journal des Entreprises) est sacré vainqueur de la Solitaire du Figaro - Eric Bompard Cachemire. Sa toute première victoire pour sa treizième participation. Une victoire acquise avec le style et la manière. Le navigateur briochin claque deux des trois étapes de cette 43e édition et monte sur la troisième marche en Espagne. Cette année, Yann était sur « un petit nuage, une autre planète ».


Yann Eliès annonçait au départ de cette 44e édition à Bordeaux: « Mon objectif, c’est vraiment le doublé, essayer de faire quelque chose qui n’a jamais été réalisé ». Alors qu’il était à deux doigts de faire demi-tour suite à une rupture d’étai lors de la 3e étape, il remporte deux étapes sur quatre et arrive en grand vainqueur à Dieppe. En évoquant le célèbre dicton « Jamais deux sans trois » à l’arrivée, Yann Eliés nous confirme sa volonté de participer en 2014 pour la 14e fois.


Jusqu’au raz Blanchard à 20 milles de l’arrivée finale, l’issue de cette 45ème édition de La Solitaire du Figaro-Eric Bompard cachemire était incertaine : Jérémie Beyou (Maître Coq) avait les atouts en main, mais de jeunes loups restaient embusqués à quelques encablures prêts à bondir à la moindre incartade du leader… Au fil des quatre étapes sacrant quatre vainqueurs à chaque escale, le déroulé de la course a mis sur la touche plusieurs des grands prétendants à la victoire !

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